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General conditions and terms for selling on and

When "G-Welt" is mentioned, this means G-Welt, G-Archiv and G-Class' Playground

Seller's conditions

  • Art. 1 - G-Welt is a platform for the selling of products related to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.
  • Art. 2 - You can use G-Welt as a platform to sell your products and/or services.
  • Art. 3 - For the use of G-Welt, you'll pay a certain contribution, stipulated in art. P1.
  • Art. 4 - If a buyer buys a product on our platform from you, the buyer will direct his payment to us. We will transfer this amount, after deduction of the sums (like commissions) you owe us. We will send you the money directly once we receive it, unless:
    • it's the first, second or third product you sell.
    • you haven't have had a positive feedback yet
    • you have had a dispute with a buyer regarding one of the last 5 transactions you made.

In those cases, we will send you the money after the buyer has received the goods. You can speed up this process by sending us a tracking number, so we can keep track along with you. Once the package is delivered, we will send you the money on the next day, unless the buyers sends us a claim.

  • Art. 5 - You will proceed to delivery of the goods and / or services to the end customer according to the delivery time specified by you. Delivery or dispatch is entirely at your initiative and responsibility.
  • Art. 6 - You send an invoice to the end customer as soon as possible for the full amount of the purchase. We will send you an invoice for the contributions owed by you.
  • Art. 7 - Because G-Welt is not involved in the production, description, sale or delivery of the products and / or services, you are responsible for the quality, delivery, warranty and everything related to the products and / or services. You release G-Welt from any responsibility in this regard.
  • Art. 8 - If you wish to sell a product / service that you have offered through G-Welt outside of G-Welt, you must inform G-Welt at least 24 hours in advance. G-Welt will then remove the product or service from the platform. However, if you fail to inform G-Welt, or do so too late, if a buyer has purchased this product / service, you will have to reimburse the costs of the buyer and of G-Welt as stated in Art. P2.
  • Art. 9 - In case a buyer asks for a refund for any reason, you will study this request immediately. If the application is well-founded, you will immediately reimburse the end customer for the full amount. G-Welt can never be forced to refund purchases unless G-Welt has not yet sent the money to you.
  • Art. 10 - If the product has defects or does not entirely correspond to your description, you are obliged to indemnify the end customer in full. In this case, G-Welt retains its compensation and you must transfer the total amount paid by the end customer to it. You should only do this if the end customer promises to return the product. G-Welt can in no way be held responsible for the quality of the product or your description.


Art. P1 - Contributions for G-Welt

If you sell a product as a private individual, you will owe G-Welt a contribution of 10% on the total sum. If you sell a product as a company, the contribution for G-Welt is 15% of the total sum. The minimum contribution is 10 USD per good sold. This contribution is also payable on transport costs. In case of currency differences, the exchange rate of the day of the transaction will be maintained at 12:00 CET.


Art. P2 - Damages

If you cannot deliver on time as stated by you, you will be forced to pay compensation to the end customer of 1% of the price of the good per day that the good arrives or would arrive later. This percentage only counts from the 6th working day following the indicated delivery date. G-Welt reserves the right to withhold this amount at a subsequent sale of products / services from You, if you fail.

When the ordered good/service can no longer be delivered and you have not notified us in time, you will refund the full purchase amount from the customer to the end customer, including the transport costs. G-Welt reserves the right to withhold this amount at a subsequent sale of products / services from you, if you fail. The compensation of G-Welt remains in this case for G-Welt, and cannot be claimed by you.


Buyers' Conditions

About G-Welt

G-Welt is a platform for the sale and purchase of parts and services for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

G-Welt does not own the goods offered here at any time, but only builds a platform for people to be able to buy and sell. G-Welt does not guarantee the transport nor the product or service, as the owner / seller of the parts does. G-Welt displays the products of the sellers on its website, and they pay a certain percentage of the sale price in return.


When ordering, you must immediately pay for the goods. This can be done via the indicated ways.


The owner / seller will be notified once your payment has been received by us. At that time, he will do what is necessary to send the goods to you quickly and safely. We pay a seller immediately when he has received a reliable profile. That means:
* he has already sold more than 3 goods through our platform, and
* he has already received positive feedback, and
* he has not had any disputes with sellers in the last 5 transactions.

If he does not meet the requirements, he will not be paid until you have received the goods properly and have not submitted a complaint within 24 hours.


Thanks to partners such as PayPal you can enjoy secure transactions. Since the sellers are located all over the world, you as a buyer agree with the regulations as they apply in the seller's country. The country is indicated in each article.

In the event of a dispute, you can demand a refund of your money. If your problem is justified, you will be refunded the full amount after
* the seller has received the goods back as he sent it, and
* your complaint has been upheld by the seller or us.

You agree that you can never hold G-Welt liable for damages, unless the error or problem is solely due to G-Welt. In that case we will immediately refund your purchase.


Refunds (updated 20/11/2020 at 10:00 CET)

To provide more clarity, we added this.

Refunds of items bought and paid by you are not possible unless stated otherwise.


Since we offer products from all over the world, different laws may imply. When it comes to refunds, by buying you explicitly agree to the following:

  • refunds are only possible if our supplier agrees to them
  • refunds are only possible in case of
    • significant difference between the item and the description
    • damaged goods (that were stated as new in the advertisement)

In these cases, it is up to you to return the item to the seller (sometimes our supplier takes the shipping costs, sometimes they don't).


Refunds will not be permitted for any other reason, unless agreed upon by both G-Welt and our supplier. 



Duties and taxes

G-Welt offers products from all over the world to any country. This means there can be duties and/or taxes to be paid, that are not included in our prices. If you purchase the products on our website, you agree that you will pay them if asked for, and that G-Welt is not responsible for any loss in any way due to these taxes. 

To help you with this issue, you can ask us to calculate these duties and/or taxes if applicable. This will give you an idea what to expect.


Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts

We have access to a lot of original MB Parts all over the world. However it can be that items are no longer available. In such case, we will refund the price of that item completely. We cannot check for availability unless ordered. 



We will not ship incomplete orders, unless agreed upon in writing by both the client and G-Welt.

Group purchases on

Added: 21 oct 2020 at 12:00 CET

1. You need to pay a entry fee to join the group purchase. We do this so that everyone is committed to buying.
2. You choose the minimum discount you'd like on this item. If we can match that discount, or do better, you are obliged to buy the product.
3. Your advance is fully deducted from your purchase of this item.
4. In case we can't match your wanted discount, we will refund your advance completely.
5. If you don't buy the product, although all your minimum discount is matched, you will loose the advance you paid completely.
6. The group purchase starts at the moment of publishment, and ends on de date mentioned in the ad.
7. You cannot withdraw your advance before the end of the group purchase.
8. Once the group purchase is ended, we will send an email to every buyer with the results. At this moment, you can still change the options (if applicable) of this item. If we don't receive any response within 48 hours, your order can no longer be changed, and we will bill you as ordered.
9. Once you received your bill, you are due to pay it with PayPal within 72 hours. If you can't meet this time, your order will be deleted and your advance will not be reimbursed, unless otherwise agreed between you and