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Reader survey: "The best cars of 2014": The S-Class and G-Class are the best

Stuttgart, 30 January 2014

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the iconic G-Class off-road vehicle have been voted the best cars in their respective category. This was the conclusion reached by the readers of specialist German car magazine "auto motor und sport" as part of an extensive reader survey. As a result, both vehicles have been awarded the title "The best car of 2014".

Some 115,285 readers took part in this year's long-standing vote organised by specialist car magazine "auto, motor und sport" to find the best car of the year. Models from Mercedes-Benz succeeded in securing two pole positions: the S‑C lass scored a convincing victory in the luxury class, while the G-Class came out on top in the off-road vehicle category.

The S-Class has long been the yardstick for technological advancement and luxury motoring. It also boasts innovative safety systems which even feature a partially autonomous traffic jam vehicle following function, for example. Another unique highlight is MAGIC BODY CONTROL, which makes the new S‑Class the world's first ever vehicle that is able to detect surface undulations in the road ahead and adjust the suspension accordingly – the result gives a whole new meaning to ride comfort.


As a classic off-road vehicle, the G-Class continues to write a unique success story with no end in sight: it laid the foundations for the Mercedes-Benz SUV family as early as 1979. Since then the G-Class has been continually enhanced. Today this ageless classic boasts an iconic status among off-road vehicles. It effortlessly continues to defend its position as the dream vehicle of off-road fans with state-of-the-art technology and top-class appointments – as evidenced to impressive effect by the latest reader survey.


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