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Friends & Partners

Building an archive like this takes time, we all know that. It also takes a few fellow enthusiasts to pull things forward.

We do like to mention them here. Take a look at their websites and social media pages, and please like and follow them.

Name Category Country
G-Amboree Events
Stamppot van zoete aardappel US$13.20
Frikandellenbroodje US$3.50
Event organisers


Organising international G-meetings all around the globe, G-Amboree brings us G-drivers together.

Upcoming events:

  • July 2020 :Zalacsany - Hungary
  • November 2020 : Las Vegas (USA)



Groups and clubs

G-Club Chicago

Meet our friends from Chicago USA! Join their group if you are a true G-enthusiast on Facebook!

Mercedes Classe G France

Meet our French friends here. This Facebook group already has 600+ members! Join them so that they continue the hard work!

Rencontrez nos amis français ici. Ce groupe Facebook a déjà plus de 600 membres. Connectez avec eux, pour qu'ils puissent agrandir encore plus!


This Japanese group is all about the G Class and it's owners in Japan. Look at their website!

Helping hands

Andrii Jäger

He's helping us with pictures and who knows what more! Thanks friend!

In case you need anything...


Sells G parts and is Hutchinson headlock wheel distributor in North America.

Their link: g-maschine.com