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SAFE World Wide Group Purchases made possible by G-Archiv.com.

When a lot of consumers ask for a certain product, we demand our suppliers whether a volume discount is possible. And in some cases, it is very interesting. So that's easy. And profitable. But some people say they are gonna buy it, but at the latest moment... well some don't buy. Everyone disappointed.

NOT HERE! If you want to participate in a group purchase, you'll have to pay a small advance. This advance gives you and your co-buyers the certainty they need. And it allows us to negotiate even more with our suppliers!


1. Choose Products & Quantity

Choose your articles and how many pieces you need.

Also choose what discount you want at least.

2. We search for buyers

G-Archiv.com searches for buyers. Of course, you can add friends to!

3. During the group inquiry

Every Group Purchase has a certain duration. After this period, we see what discount we have acquired.

End of inquiry

When the inquiry ends, you'll be informed on the discounts we acquired. If the discount is equal or bigger than what you requested, we'll send you a bill directly to your email address. Your advance will be substracted.


We order all items at our supplier, and they will start shipping ASAP.


We will refund or deduct your advance completely if:

  • you purchase the item, we will deduct the advance completely from your purchase.
  • your minimal required discount isn't met due to eg. insufficient buyers.


We will NOT refund your advance at all:

  • if you do not buy the item, although your minimal required discount was achieved.


Reductions are equal or higher than what you wanted Reductions are lower than what you wanted
You buy You buy and get the best discount we achieved. Your advance deposit is fully deducted! You buy and get the best discount we achieved. Your advance deposit is fully deducted!
You don't buy Your deposit is not refunded. Your deposit is completely refunded.