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Looking for parts for your G, nobody apparently has to offer?

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G-Archiv will search parts for you throughout the world that meet your demands.


As this is a very time-consuming thing to do, we take your word for it, you'll buy the parts from us if we find the items that match. At this moment, we will create an article especially for you on our shop, which at that moment you have to buy. We will also ask the seller to reserve the part(s) exclusively for you, and prepare them for shipment.


If for one reason or another you don't buy the item, we will charge you a 20% commission on the price you wanted to pay. 


G-ARCHIV never becomes a owner, buyer or seller of the product(s). This means we can't be held responsible for the quality of the parts or damages due to shipment. We will however contact the seller immediatly in case of an error, and block his payment untill the matter is solved. This way, you will be sure that you are protected! 


G-ARCHIV will search for a period of 1 week for your items, starting on the day after your request. After this period, if we didn't find any parts matching your criteria, you have no obligations towards us whatsoever.