>>> All G-Class 460 parts are added to our Parts Database <<<

A lot of parts, especially for the older models, are no longer available at Mercedes-Benz. However, tons of those parts are lying around worldwide in somebody's garage, bodyshop, barn etc.

Why not offer those parts you no longer need to all the G-Class owners around the world in a very easy way?

1. You send us the information regarding the part(s) you want to sell.
[ HOW ? ]
All depends if you have a few or a lot of items to sell.
  • Only a few
    • Use the form on this page to send the details we need.
  • A whole list
    • Use the Excel sheet we prepared to fill in the details.
[ WHAT ? ]
We need some information from you.
  • The item's condition
    • Is the item really like new?
    • How about the package?
  • Your location
    • Continent
    • Country or State (USA)
  • The price you want for it
  • Part's description
    • Mercedes-Benz Part Number
    • Name and/or Short description of the item
  • Pictures
    • Pictures of the product (from all sides)
    • Pictures of the package
    • Picture(s) of the part number
[ PRICE ? ]
You can ask whatever amount you'd like for the part.
  • How to price an item?
    • Look at the parts catalogue on this page to search for Mercedes-Benz' MSRP (*)
    • Consider the rarity of the item. Is it still available? Or are you having the last item?
2. We publish your product's ads on our site.
[ WHAT ? ]
We share the following information
  • About you
    • Your nickname
    • Your rating
    • Your location (Country / State for the USA)
  • About the product
    • All the details you provided
  • The pictures you sent
    • Other information regarding this item
  • The price
    • Your asking price + our commission
    • Mercedes-Benz' MSRP (if applicable)
    • Our shop's price (if applicable)
3. Someone buys your product on our site and pays us.
4. You prepare the package. We arrange the shipping.
This is what we need you to do:
  • Prepare the package
    • Make sure the product is carefully packed for shipment.
    • Weigh and measure the package, and send us the details.
    • Tell us where our shipper can collect the package.
    • Stick the transportation label on the package.
This is what we will do for you:
  • Arrange the shipment
    • We calculate the shipping's costs.
    • We order the shipper to collect the package at the place you desire.
    • We send you and the buyer the tracking link.
5. Once the package is collected, we send you the money for your part.






What do you want for this part? This includes the packaging and preparing for shipment. We however take care of the shipment cost.



Pictures from the product


Pictures from the package



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