MERCEDES-BENZ and our supplier are having issues with warehouse personal due to Covid19. This means deliveries are delayed. Please contact us for more information.


People might be wondering how save your data is, and how well we try to protect it.


First of all, we publish only what you allow us to publish.

Secondly, we'll remove your data on your simple request!

Is publishing the VIN dangerous for car thieves?

Well, it can perhaps look like that. But almost every recent car has the VIN visible through the windshield, and the VIN decoders are widely available on the internet. 

And if you want, we dim the VIN into something like this: WDB460xxxxxx12345. 


Can I remove my data from G-Archiv?

Yes, you can. On 1 simple demand, we will remove all the data you provided and care to remove. Just send an email to

If you have questions, email us at or add a comment below.

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