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Schmude Hardtop G Class (W460-W461-W463) [PRO000768]


This product will fit:
* G Class - W460 (1979 - 1990)
* G Class - W461 (1992 - …)
* G Class - W463 (1990 - 2018)

Product number: 60110

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Category: Parts > Hard Tops
Packaged per Piece
Pieces per set 1
This product fits: Mercedes-Benz G Class - W460
Mercedes-Benz G Class - W461
Mercedes-Benz G Class - W463
Location Germany
Manufacturer Schmude
Reference 60110
Condition New


Schmude Hardtop for G Class - W460 / G Class - W461 / G Class - W463
Will fit the non-electric soft top version of the W463.
Will fit the SWB (2400mm) version of the W460 and W461
Integrated Hardtop from Gfk-Sandwich.
  • Outside:
  • Structural black paint
  • Inside:
  • Velours Anthracite: Veloursflock anthrazit
  • Glass Color Green
  • Heated Rear Glass Pane
  • Weigth +/- 60 kg

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