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Vision X Cannon Cg2 Single Led - 40 Watt (W460 W461 W463) [PRO000166]

US$429.00 US$379.00
Vision X Cannon Cg2 Single Led - 40 Watt (W460 W461 W463) [PRO000166]

Vision X Cannon CG2 Single LED - 40 Watt

Category Lights
Sub Category Extra Lights
Location Belgium
Manufacturer Vision X


LEDs: Single LED 40W
Housing Material: Hybrid
Light Colour Temp: 6000 Kelvin
Dimensions: 137/134/94mm
Weight: 0.91 kg
Voltage: 9-32V DC
Amperage: 1.67A@24V DC - 3.33A@12V DC
Vibration Rating: 21.2 Grms
Lens Material: Acryl
Certifications: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
Weatherproof Deutsch Connector
Single LED CG2 Light Cannons take lighting to uncharted territory with incomparable distances. The industry-leading Luminous Big Chip LED and Iris Reflector throws a violent blast of light that penetrates the night up to 1.000 meter. If you need superior distance from your lighting, this is the solution.
The proprietary IRIS Reflector is the first of its kind in the LED market. With IRIS technology, a single 40 Watt LED is able to achieve unmatched distance and intensity with over 350 meter of usable light.
Cannon CG2 Single LED 40W Usage Guide
Vision X has teamed up with Luminus to offer the first single-source 40 Watt LED powered lights.
The Light Cannon features a housing engineered with both aluminum for increased strength and poly carbonate to reduce weight.
Designed for simple installation, the LED Light Cannon features a sturdy, single-bolt universal mounting system.
The Light Cannon LED combines the benefits of LED lighting, including low power consumption and 50,000 hour lifespan, with the standard form factor of a traditional HID or Halogen light.
With 25 available covers for the Light Cannon, multiple configurations are available including euro, combo, Elliptical and flood beam covers as well as amber, red, blue, clear and black covers for different conditions.


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