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Vision X Vortex Led Headlights (Lhd) 2 Pcs. (W460 W461 W463) [PRO000156]


Vision X Vortex LED Headlights (LHD)

Category Lights
Sub Category Head Lights
Location Belgium
Manufacturer Vision X
Reference MB-PX36MGC19   0


Not only is the new Vortex 7" LED Headlight from Vision X E-marked, but it also features one of the brightest LED Halo rings on the road!
Powerful LEDs tucked inside a durable polycarbonate lens, this headlight has a "superwhite" color and is sure to be an eyeful going down the road.
Universal Applications
The 7″ Vortex was designed to be used by any vehicle that currently has a 7″ Factory Headlight, or has a custom fit 7″ mounting area. Jeeps, Classic Cars and Motorcycles were all kept in mind while the Vortex was engineered, making it the perfect light for those applications.
E-MARK And ADR Models Available
Vision X wanted to make sure that any customer, no matter where they’re located, can enjoy their top-of-the-line LED Headlights worry free.
LED Halo Ring
The Vortex LED Headlight features a bright halo ring that can be active without having the low beam or high beams on. Having a 7″ halo on the front of your vehicle will not only turn heads, but also provide you with the optimal lighting options for the right conditions.
3 Different Modes
Equipped with a Halo LED ring, the Vortex LED Headlight also comes packed with an extremely powerful high-beam, and a wide spread low beam. With such diversity in beam pattern, you can rest assured that you’ll have the right lighting for the right scenario at any given time.
Beams: High 20W, Low 13W, LED Halo Ring Universal Applications
Housing: Hybrid Aluminum-Polycarbonate
Lens: Durable UV Resistant Polycarbonate
PAR 56/H6017/H6024 Direct Replacement
Approval: DOT Certified
IP rating: IP-68
Wiring and Adapter Plug Included
Measurements: 176.8mm x 176.8mm x 97.8mm
Weight: 800g
Raw lumens: 4 210
Effective lumens: 2 947
Light pattern: Low beam 13W/High beam 20W/Halo ring


Price 999 USD 849 EUR* 769 GBP* 899 CHF*


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Chrome 999 USD 849 EUR* 769 GBP* 899 CHF*
Black Chrome 999 USD 849 EUR* 769 GBP* 899 CHF*
Matt Black 999 USD 849 EUR* 769 GBP* 899 CHF*

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Items needed Qty needed
Vision X Vortex All Beam Modes Adapter 2 pcs.
Vision X Vortex Canbus Adapter For Headlights 2 pcs.
2X 7'' Round LED Headlight High&Low Beam Mounting Bracket Ring 1 pc.

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