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Liteblox Lb28Xx High Performance Accumulator Gen4 (W460 W461 W463 W463a) [PRO000133]


CATEGORY (Catégorie – Kategorie): PARTS
SUB CATEGORY (Sous catégorie – Unterkategorie) : PARTS: BATTERIES

MANUFACTURER (Produceur – Hersteller) : LITEBLOX
REFERENCE SUPPLIER (Référence fournisseur – Referenz Anbieter) : 37
LOCATION (Location – Lokation) : SWEDEN
CONDITION (Condition – Kondition) : New
FITS (Pour – Für) : W460 W461 W463 W463a
PACKAGE (Paquet – Packung) PER: PIECE
PCS / SET (pcs / set – Teile / Set) : 1

DETAILS (Details - Detail) :
Intelligent LiFePO4 performance starter battery uses latest storage technology, implemented in extremely light packs with high energy density and outstanding reliability. Engineered and built by hand in Germany.
saves 15-25kg (33-55lbs) to standard starter battery
plug’n’play replacement – fit for hardly any production car
wireless interface for wireless data monitoring via Smartphone App
maintenance-free due to intelligent power-electronics with for misuse and overload by:
over-/undervoltage, over-/undertemperatur, over/-undercurrent & short ciruit
innovative & smart electronics for kill-switch via Smartphone App in two different programs:
1.) I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill-Off-Switch:
effective disconnection of the LITE↯BLOX from the vehicle due to overload or via Smartphone (emergency or extended sitting periods), similar to the common FIA kill-off switch
2.) A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft:
while all consumers are still being provided with energy, the LITE↯BLOX will instantly shut down at any theft attempt
latest premium cell technology (A123 ANR26650M1B V3)
rapid charging (optimal für Start-Stopp)
marginally self-drain when not in use (sitting time >300days)
fail safe due to innvative concept and premium materials
DMSB homologated (Lithium Ion battery RLB2016-27/17)
tested in professional motorsport together with the FIA
4-12 cylinder engines (2500-9500 ccm)***
daily car use with minor restrictions (vehicle parking periods 5-8 weeks*)
sportscar / supercar / hypercar / tracktool / motorsport (race track circuit / 24h race / endurance / dragracing / NASCAR / GT / DTM) / tuning / Car-Hifi / boats
for the use in applications with intelligent battery management (IBS / IAC) including regenerative brake system (“KERS”) –> battery programming mandatory!
not fitting the following applications: BMW F-Series M3 & M4 (pending and will be fixed soon)
Technical data
weight: 2600g (excl. pole terminals)
dimensions: 202 x 123 x 100mm (l x b x h)
voltage: 13,2V / 15,2V (nom / max)
capacity: 17,5Ah / 54Ah (nom / Pb-eq)
cranking current: 840A / 1050A* (10s / 1s pulse)
temperature: -20 to +80°C
lifespan: lifespan: 3-5x compared to the OEM battery*
connection: OEM clamp onto the battery poles (DIN) or via ring terminals (M6)
certificates: product complies with directives 2001/95/EG 2011/65/EU 2006/66/EG
delivery scope: LITEBLOX LB28XX + pole caps + mounting material + promo + manual
Lightweight lithium starter battery for motorsport applications, which replaces the heavy lead acid car battery by less volume and minimum weight.
2.) A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft:
daily car use with minor restrictions (vehicle parking periods 5-8 weeks*)

PRICE (Prix – Preis) : 2 119 USD (1 779 EUR - 1 639 GBP - 1 909 CHF) (*)

PRICE SHIPPING INCLUDED (Prix transport inclu - Preis Versand Inklusiv)
* United States of America: 2 219 USD ( 1 859 EUR - 1 709 GBP)
* European Union: 2 169 USD ( 1 819 EUR - 1 669 GBP)

DATE ADDED (Date ajouté – Datum hinzugefugt) : 26 okt 2020

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