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Set of LED lights and mounting brackets () - [PRO000059]

US$169.99 US$139.99
Set of LED lights and mounting brackets () - [PRO000059]


Category: Tuning Parts
Sub-Category: Lights
Name: Set of LED lights and mounting brackets (W460 W461 W463 (Old) W463a (2018+)) - [PRO000059]

Set of 2 LED Lights
Set of 2 mounting brackets, which allows you to mount these leds in almost any vehicle with 7" headlights.
This set gives you an advantage compared to buying the parts apart.

Condition: New
Package per: Set
Price per Set (USD) 169,99 USD
Currency calculations are for your information only. Our main currency is USD. 0
For models: W460, W461, W463 (1990-2018), W463 (New Generation)

Shipping to European Union: 0,00 USD (0 EUR )
Shipping to Scandinavia: Not available
Shipping to USA / Canada: 23,53 USD (20 EUR )
Shipping to Russian Fed.: Not available
Shipping to Asia: Not available
Shipping to Africa: Not available
Shipping to Middle East: Not available
Shipping to Oceania: Not available
Shipping to South America: Not available

Date added: 24 sep 2020

Location:   UK / China

Product ID PRO000059

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