For Sale

G-Wagons tend to last forever. So why not find your beloved car a good new owner, one who appreciates the concept as much as you do?

G-Archiv offers a completely free way of advertising your car. We'll publish your ad on our website. 

How does it work?

Quite simple, actually.

Is your car already added to our archive? 

  • Update the mileage
  • Mention the latest maintenance and mod's
  • Send us some recent pictures
  • And send us your asking price

You can send this information by email to

Not yet in the archive? Fill in the form here, and send an email afterwards with more pictures and your asking price.

Tips & tricks

It might sound stupid, but please read these hints, as they will improve your selling the car.


  • Take pictures when the car is clean both inside and out. People buy with their heart, and their heart is fed by the eyes.
  • Provide correct information. People buy cars with those they can trust. 
  • Aim your asking price in a correct range. Keep in mind that
    • People do tend to bargain
    • A price too low will give the impression something's wrong
    • A price too excessive pushes potential buyers away