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Releasing G-Archiv

Published on 8 April 2020 at 19:16

Hello you all,


Thanks for visiting G-Archiv. You'll have noticed the website ain't completed, and we are still working as hard as we can to make this place really nice and comforting.

Some of you might have some great tips or ideas. Please share them with us!


You think some things can improve? Let us know!


Do you want to help us build this to the max? Don't hesitate to contact us!


You got some nice pictures? Just send them!


And as always, follow us on facebook, instagram, twitter and so on!


Best regards,


The G-Archiv & G-Haus Team!


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2 years ago

Hello and Congrats for the initiative.

One thing that could improve the value added by the Register would be to add a search engine so that users could search for an specific chassis number and obtain data about its past owners, mileage, status, etc.

Best of luck!

2 years ago

Dear friend,

Thanks for your advice and the 3 G's you supplied!

We did just now install a search function, you'll find it in the header, on your right hand side.

(G)reets to Madrid, Spain!!