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#726 Puch W461 290GD 1996 913004

03 nov 2021 - Troostwijkauctions.Com

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Model W461
Type 290GD
Production Year 1996
Model Year
Modification Year
Engine OM602.947
Engine Size
Fuel Type Diesel
Transmission # 717443 17 163606
Engine # 602947 10 032906
Paint 1 7323
Paint 2
VIN VAG46136817913004
Order # 6 6 597 05989
Production #
This car was reported as DAMAGED on 03 Nov 2021 on Troostwijkauctions.Com.
This car was reported as DAMAGED on 03 Nov 2021.
This car was reported as DAMAGED on 20 Okt 2021 on Troostwijkauctions.Com.

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Location: Austria
Source: Troostwijkauctions.Com (03 nov 2021)

Mileage: 62 389 km
Source: Troostwijkauctions.Com (03 nov 2021)

Condition: Damaged
Source: Troostwijkauctions.Com (03 nov 2021)

For Sale: Sold
Source: Troostwijkauctions.Com (03 nov 2021)

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03 Nov 2021Austria62 389 km
Troostwijkauctions.Com 's auction was added to G-ARCHIV.

03 Nov 2021Austria62 389 km
Troostwijkauctions.Com reports this car as damaged

03 Nov 2021
Car is added to the Register

20 Okt 2021Austria62 389 km
Troostwijkauctions.Com 's auction end date.

04 Dec 1996AustriaUnknown
This car was released from the factory in Graz (Austria)


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03 nov 2021 - Troostwijkauctions.Com
Source: Troostwijkauctions.Com
Date: 03 nov 2021
Mileage: 62 389 km
Location: Austria
Price: N/A
Link: Visit page
Condition: Damaged
Added to G-Archiv: 03 nov 2021
A02 Chrome Plated Ball Joint Heads
A13 Slow Axle
CW0 No Code Designation Available
D65 Partition Wall, Semi-High
E01 Electrical Components, Specific Countries
E31 Power Plug Socket
F66 Lockable Glove Compartment
F80 Bracket On Cab
L62 Adjustable Reading Lamp At Front For Fr. Passenger
L66 Additional Interior Lamp, Above Rear End Door
S20 Co-Driver'S Folding Seat
S76 No Code Designation Available
S77 No Code Designation Available
V03 Inner Trim In Standard Color
VT2 No Code Designation Available
Y11 No Code Designation Available
Y16 Fire Extinguisher
Y20 Tool Kit, Export
Y21 Tool Box
Y94 No Code Designation Available
Z55 No Code Designation Available
Z86 Steyr-Daimler-Puch Marketing Area

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Screenshot 03 nov 2021 - Troostwijkauctions.Com

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