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#696 Puch W463 G300 1991 906940

19 okt 2021 - Autoscout24.Ch

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Model W463
Type G300
Production Year 1991
Model Year
Modification Year
Engine M103.987
Engine Size 2 962 cc - I6
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission # 722397 13 518667
Power 125 kW (168 hp) at 5 700 rpm
Torque 190 N⋅m (140 lb⋅ft) at 4 000 rpm
Engine # 103987 12 001491
Paint 1 9147
Paint 2
VIN VAG46322717906940
Order #
Production #
This car was for sale on 19 Okt 2021 on Autoscout24.Ch.

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Location: Switzerland
Source: Autoscout24.Ch (19 okt 2021)
Mileage: 191 500 km
Source: Autoscout24.Ch (19 okt 2021)
Condition: Used
Source: Autoscout24.Ch (19 okt 2021)
For Sale: Yes
Source: Autoscout24.Ch (19 okt 2021)
Price: 37 900 CHF
Source: Autoscout24.Ch (19 okt 2021)

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19 Okt 2021Switzerland191 500 km
Autoscout24.Ch 's advertisement was added to G-ARCHIV.
19 Okt 2021
Car is added to the Register
29 Mrt 1991AustriaUnknown
This car was released from the factory in Graz (Austria)

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19 okt 2021 - Autoscout24.Ch
Source: Autoscout24.Ch
Date: 19 okt 2021
Mileage: 191 500 km
Location: Switzerland
Price: 37 900 CHF
Link: Visit page
Condition: Used
Added to G-Archiv: 19 okt 2021
A11 Axle Ratio, Fast
B02 Brake System, Antilock Brake System (Abs)
C27 Reinforced Front Spring, Stage I
D39 Multiway Connector
E21 Heavy-Duty Battery/Batteries
E51 Short-Range Interference Suppression
G40 Automatic Transmission
G75 Speedometer Adapter
H20 Heat-Absorbing Glass
K89 Emission Control Sys. W/ Regulated Catalytic Con.
L30 Protective Grille For Headlamps
R01 Light Alloy Wheels, 6"
S34 Headrests In The Rear
V29 Interior Trim In Grey
V50 Electric Window Lifter, 2-Way
X03 Version Made To Regulations Of Specific Countries
X59 Central Locking System
Z86 Steyr-Daimler-Puch Marketing Area

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Screenshot 19 okt 2021 - Autoscout24.Ch

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