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#508 Mercedes-Benz W461 240GD 1984 038161

Klaravik.Dk - 01 Jan 2019

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General specifications

The general information about this G-Class

ModelW461 Production Year1984
Type240GD Model Year
Modification Year
EngineOM616, 2.4 L (1973–1985) FuelDiesel
Engine size2 399 cc
Power53 kW (72 PS; 71 bhp)
at 4 400 rpm
Torque137 N⋅m (101 lb⋅ft)
at 2 400 rpm
Engine #616938 10 001205 Transmission #
Paint 16289/99 Paint 2
VINWDB46131017038161 FIN
Order # Production #


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LocationDenmarkKlaravik.Dk01 jan 2019
Condition23 sep 2020
Mileage29 857 km
18 545 m
Klaravik.Dk01 jan 2019
For SaleSold01 jan 2019

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23 sep 2020G-ArchivCar is added to the register
01 jan 20190Klaravik.Dk published a 0 regarding this car.Denmark29 857 km
18 545 m
20 nov 1984ProductionCar was deliveredAustria


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0:Klaravik.DkDate:01 jan 2019
Mileage:29 857 km
18 545 m
Price: 58 000 dkkLink:visit page
Condition:UsedAdded to G-Archiv:23 sep 2020
Starter og kører som den skal. I original militær-stand, med dertil hørende effekter. Motor udskiftet til 5 cylinder 300 diesel motor. Se stand på billeder og video. Enheden er visuelt gennemgået, men ikke testet fuldt ud i alle kapaciteter. Materiellet skal være afhentet senest 21 dage efter auktionens sluttidspunkt. Ikke afhentet materiel kan Klaravik vælge at flytte til en af Klaraviks pladser på købers regning. Tryk på hvordan køber man for information om hvordan du køber på Klaravik

Options Factory Installed

This is a list of equipment when the car was delivered. We use as our mainly source.

A01Axle Made To Regulations Of Specific Countries
A70Differential Lock, Front Axle
A71Differential Lock, Rear Axle
C01Springs, Countries
E01Electrical Components, Specific Countries
E46Plug Socket In Cab
E51Short-Range Interference Suppression
F61Rear View Mirror, Inside
F74Front Passenger Sun Visor
G75Speedometer Adapter
K01Tank / Exhaust Countries
L30Protective Grille For Headlamps
M14Manual Throttle Control
M42Alternator 28 V / 55 A
Q28Rockinger Trailer Hitch
Q58Front Towing Coupling
Q60Trailer Hitch Hook
S20Co-Driver'S Folding Seat
S26Left Front Folding Seat Frame
S62Safety Belts For Driver And Co-Driver
Y17Bracket For Fire Extinguisher
Z01Version Made To Regulations Of Specific Countries
Z99Order As Per Detailed Description

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