>>> All G-Class 460 parts are added to our Parts Database <<<

Welcome to the World of the G-Class!

The only worldwide store and register exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class!

From 1979 until 1992

From 1990 until 2021

From 1990 until 2018

From 2018 on

We sell anything regarding a G-Class. Most of the time, we work on demand of clients who need multiple parts, but can't find them any easy way. 

We deliver worldwide !

We are building a register where every G-Class can be added! Why? For you to look into, but also check mileages and history of the cars. Add yours for free too!

Also you can buy and sell your G here!

Ever wanted a owner's manual? Or needed technical documents? We at G-ARCHIV try to offer all the manuals we can find, mostly for free!

Magazines, press releases, brochures, price lists movies, and other media all for you to look into!

Our purpose

G-Archiv is being built to create an archive where you can easily find the history of any G-Wagen.

And next to that, upon request, we started a shop where you can order any part you like or need. If the product is not enlisted, we will search the world for you!

Do you or did you own a G-Class? Then please send us some details, and we will publish it for you! You can do it right here!

Care to help a hand?

Building a register like this isn't that hard for a daily-practising IT expert, I'd say. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those. 

If you could spare a few moments of your time to help G-Archiv developing and growing, don't hesitate to contact us!

Just send an email to info@g-archiv.com, mention what you can do for us, and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.


Thanks in advance!